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After successfully submitting their written pleadings, four UvA students turned to the next stage in the Moot Court in the weekend of 24 February: the oral pleadings in the ELMC’s regional final.

The team, consisting of an applicant (Leah Barrett), a defendant (Lukasz Bucki), a legal counsel (Laura Jacobs) and a Commission agent (Yannis Schlüter) had to take on the case from multiple angles and moreover, persuade the judges. How would they use European law to the benefit of their positions, how would they present their arguments in an actual court and how to respond to rebuttals of other parties?

In the classical setting of Thessaloniki, the Amsterdam team competed with eleven other universities and had to answer questions from a highly international bench composed of academics and experienced practitioners in the field of EU-law. In this way, their participation in the ELMC formed an extremely valuable opportunity for the students, not only because of the in depth engagement with European law, but also through meeting a variety of people in this vibrant European environment.

Although the team ultimately did not reach the European finals, they can look back on a very successful participation and have received an experience which will not easily be forgotten.