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Master the Law

List of legal Master's Programmes
View the complete list of all the English Master's programmes at the Amsterdam Law School.

European Private Law

The programme European Private Law combines a coherent set of core courses on topics at the heart of Europeanisation and internationalisation, with a broad range of elective courses on subjects of high economic and societal relevance.

International and European Law

For International and European Law you can choose one of the 5 tracks. Public International Law can either be the normal Master's programme or a two-year Research Master's.

Law & Finance

Law & Finance is a new Master’s programme in cooperation with the Amsterdam Business School. The growing importance of finance to the global economy has made it increasingly important that lawyers have a good grasp of financial economics.

International Criminal Law

The International Criminal Law programme focuses on international criminal law as a distinct field of legal study. You'll choose one of the two tracks: a joint programme with Columbia University or the track International and Transnational Criminal Law without the exchange.

Advanced Master's International Tax Law

The advanced master’s in International Tax Law is a full-time programme of one year. The curriculum covers both the established framework of international tax law and emerging issues.

View the information about the Amsterdam Law Practice, the overview of programme contacts and our campus

Amsterdam Law Practice

At the Amsterdam Law School, students are offered an Experiential Education programme that is unique in the Netherlands. In the Amsterdam Law Practice students apply their knowledge of the law to questions from actual practice.

Programme contacts

If you have questions about the contents of a specific master's track, please contact the coordinator listed under the specific programme. He or she will be happy to tell you more about the programme and the requirements.

Roeterseiland Campus

The Roeterseiland Campus is an open city campus designed to offer future-proof teaching and research facilities. Existing buildings around the campus were thoroughly renovated in order to ensure compliance with modern research and education requirements and needs.