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The UvA Honours students have successfully defended their title, as Kristine van Doorn won the award for "Best Judge" in the second edition of the Amsterdam Law Trials.

The Best Lawyer Team, consisting of Eden Benat [l], Tobias Traxler [m] and Minne Peereboom [R] (AUC), during the semifinal.

The second edition of the Amsterdam Law Trials for the first time involved all Amsterdam honours law tracks. Students from the UvA Honours, VU Honours and the law tracks of PPLE and AUC, all in their third year, showed fierce but fair competition. Eden Benat, Tobias Traxler and Minne Peereboom from AUC won the award for "Best Lawyer Team" in a close final against Luuk Admiraal and Jonathan de Geus from the VU. Freek van Leeuwen from PPLE won the award for "Best Individual Speaker."

Kristine van Doorn won EUR 1.500 from Boom Juridische Uitgevers for her LLM tuition fee. Each individual member of the Best Lawyer Team was awarded the same amount by Boom Juridische Uitgevers.

Best Judge Kristine van Doorn (UvA) [r] on the bench during the second semi-final. Photo: Chris van Houts

The Amsterdam Law Trials spanned a period of four months, with a kick-off at the offices of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, preliminary rounds at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and a final in the Singelkerk.

We would like to thank all participants, coaching judges (from the Court of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Court of Appeal), coaching lawyers (from Prakken d'Oliveira, Van der Woude de Graaf, Hoyng Rock Monegier, Cleerdin & Hamer, Lemstra van der Korst, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, NautaDutilh, Stibbe, HendrixLaw Advocaten and Spong) and coaching alumni for their invaluable contributions. And last but not least Twan Heikens, head of the organizing committee (and former UvA winner of the Amsterdam Law Trials).

We congratulate all the winners and hope to see another fine display of legal and oratory skill next year!