New Master's students welcomed

27 August 2015

On Tuesday, 25 August, the new Master's students for 2015-2016 were welcomed officially to the Law Faculty.

Exchange students, students who completed their Bachelor's at the UvA, and external students (including foreign Master's students) joined each other on 25 August for their first day as Master's students at the Law Faculty. After a welcome speech they attended a short presentation on the programme they will follow this year.

Study association Bona Fide presents itself

Study association 'Bona Fide' presenting itself to the new students

The afternoon concluded with drinks in the central hall and courtyard of the Oudemanhuispoort, giving students a chance to meet each other and the staff informally.

Exchange students at the Master's introduction day 2015

Exchange students enjoying the courtyard

Students of Labour Law at the Master's introduction 2015

New Labour Law students getting acquainted

Teaching staff at the Master's introduction day 2015

Staff joined the students for drinks.

Adv Master International Tax Law  - introduction 2015

The new Advanced Master's in International Tax Law is ready to get started.

Drinks at the introduction for new LLM students in the Oudemanhuispoort

The central hall filled with students and staff having a good time.