Major research grant for project on global cities and human rights

18 March 2016

The Gieskes Strijbis Foundation has awarded Janne Nijman (academic director of the T.M.C. Asser Instituut, professor of History and Theory of International Law at the UvA School of Law) a major research grant for a collaborative research project on ‘The Global City: Challenges, Trust, and the Role of Law’.

The four year research grant enables the Asser Institute to appoint four PhD researchers. The research project will be carried out in collaboration with Ernst Hirsch Ballin, professor of Human Rights at the UvA School of Law and President of the T.M.C. Asser Instituut, and Emile Schrijver, professor of Jewish Book History at the UvA School of Humanities and General Director of Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam.

The first pair of PhD researchers will explore seventeenth-century Amsterdam’s intellectual history, in particular the contribution of the early modern Portuguese Jewish body of social-political and legal thought on urban diversity, identity, and global trade relations with the extra-European world. The second pair of PhD researchers will address the role of international (human rights) law in the global city’s approach to urgent societal challenges of the twenty-first century.

While each of the four PhD projects will deal with its own set of questions, together these studies explore a set of interrelated themes: that is, firstly, identity construction, citizenship, and fundamental rights as a source of trust in the global city (then and now), and, secondly, the role and position of global cities at the international stage (then and now).

Published by  Faculty of Law