Prize for the best publication of the academic year 2014-2015

25 January 2016

For the fifth time in a row, the yearly prize for the best publication of the year was awarded to a young faculty researcher.

This time, during the faculty Christmas drinks on 16 December 2015. The prize has been introduced on the initiative of the dean and the Scientific Advisory Committee in order to strengthen and support the research culture within the Faculty of Law and to allow young researchers to give publicity to their work.

Different from earlier years, the prize was awarded for a publication that was published during an academic year, instead of a calendar year. In order to bridge the gap between the conditions that applied to the last prize and the current one, the publication date has been extended with 6 months.

The jury, consisting of two members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, being prof.dr. Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (ACLE), dr. Christina Eckes (ACELG), and the last 1st prize winner, dr. Maarten den Heijer (ACIL), unanimously agreed upon the following prize winners:

1st Prize winner: Iris van Domselaar for her article entitled ‘Moral Quality in Adjudication: On Judicial Virtues and Civic Friendship’ published in the  Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy’ (Read the jury’s comments).

2nd Prize winner Kathryn Greenman for her article ‘Re-Reading Vitoria: Re-Conceptualising the Responsibility of Rebel Movements’ (Read the jury’s comments).

3rd Prize winner Sander Wirken & Hanna Bosdriesz (PhD candidate in Leiden) for their article ‘An Imperfect Success – The Guatemalan Genocide Trial and the Struggle against Impunity for International Crimes’ (Read the jury’s comments).

The prizes  will be added to the research budget of the research group and which the winners can use for research activities such as congress visits, etc.

Published by  Faculty of Law