Dr Irena Rosenthal receives European Award of Legal Theory

2 December 2015

The European Academy of Legal Theory awarded dr.mr. Irena Rosenthal the prize for the best PhD thesis in the field of philosophy of law of the past three years. Her thesis was praised by the jury as 'fascinating, original, and powerful.' Rosenthal is assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and lecturer and Head of Studies at PPLE.

Rosenthal’s thesis Democracy and Ontology: An Agonic Encounter between Political Liberalism, Foucault and Psychoanalysis develops a new political-philosophical perspective on democratic citizenship. She draws on debates on religious freedom and democratic resilience and the ‘ontologies’ (fundamental views of existence) of the philosopher Michel Foucault and the psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott.

Rosenthal shows how much citizenship is intertwined with power, the body and emotions. These dimensions are neglected in political liberalism, a dominant paradigm in political and legal philosophy.

Published by  Faculty of Law