Types of PhD positions

Amsterdam Law School

There are two types of PhD positions.

By Appointment

In the Netherlands PhD candidates do not have a student status in general but are employees appointed by the Law School.  Announcements for available PhD positions at the Graduate School of Law will be posted under the PhD vacancies link on the right side of this page. You can find the required qualifications and apply directly to the research groups seeking a candidate.

Selected candidates are usually appointed to a four-year full-time contract with some teaching responsibilities in the second or third year. 

External Candidates

Applicants wishing to research and write a doctoral thesis in their own time and with independent funds may apply to become external candidates at the Law School. External candidates do not become university employees, but pursue their research independently under the supervision of a UvA faculty member (full professor as PhD thesis supervisor).

External candidates often come from the government or business world, or from non-university research institutions. Employers sometimes provide time and money to external candidates as part of research-leave programmes. External candidates themselves are responsible for finding an UvA professor to supervise their work (see research groups).

External candidates may be eligible for application for an ‘mr. I. Henri Hijmans Grant’

Published by  Faculty of Law

12 July 2018