The 'mr. I. Henri Hijmans' Grant

For external candidates

The Amsterdam Law School supports candidates who are pursuing their PhD research independently, but under the supervision of a UvA faculty member. To that end it has introduced the mr. I. Henri Hijmans grant.

About the mr. I. Henri Hijmans Grant

This grant will support external PhD candidates (who work or have recently worked for e.g. the government, the judiciary or in legal or business professions) and who write a doctoral thesis.

Research topics

There are no restrictions with regards to the research topic as such, but the research must be connected to the broad theme of ‘law and society’. After all, the name mr. I Henri Hijmans (who was appointed to professor private law, civil procedure and of Roman law at the Amsterdam Law School in 1910) symbolizes the societal relevance of the (study of) the law.

Who is eligible to apply?

Only external PhD candidates who have already submitted a request for admission to the PhD trajectory at the Amsterdam Law School may apply for a mr. I. Henri Hijmans grant. Their PhD thesis supervisor must be a staff member of the Amsterdam Law School who has the ius promovendi.

Based on the criteria from the Doctorate Regulations of the University of Amsterdam, a selection committee will decide which applicants will receive the grant. The selection criteria can be found at the bottom of this page.

How large is the grant award?

The mr. I. Henri Hijmans grant is a grant of €5000, tax-free. This grant may be used to cover the costs made whilst doing research and writing the doctoral thesis. Additionally, subject to Law School regulations, recipients are also eligible for a reimbursement of publication costs of up to €500.

Each year the Amsterdam Law School will be able to administer multiple grants. Those who have received a grant in the previous year are eligible to receive a grant for the following year. However, there is no guarantee that the grant will be awarded again. Each application will be assessed on its individual merits.


Applications for the mr. I. Henri Hijmans  Grant must be submitted before the 1stof  June 2018.

For more information, please contact the PhD dean’s office:


Please note that this is the last year that applications for the Hijmans grant can be submitted under the current criteria and procedure. From next year onwards, the procedure will be changed. Information on the new procedure will be made available in the second half of 2018. 

Published by  Faculty of Law

8 May 2018