The 'mr. I. Henri Hijmans' Grant

Each year, the Law Faculty awards ten 'mr. I. Henri Hijmans' Grants. This grant assists doctoral candidates who aim to finish their thesis while practicing as attorneys in government, advocacy or business, on subjects driven by social challenges.

Who is eligible to apply?

Only external candidates who already have a PhD thesis supervisor within the University of Amsterdam Graduate School of Law may apply for an 'mr. I. Henri Hijmans' Grant.

How large is the grant award?

The 'mr. I. Henri Hijmans' Grant is a grant of €5000, tax-free, to cover the cost of research and writing a doctoral thesis. Subject to Law School regulations, recipients are also eligible for reimbursement of publication costs (up to €500).


The Law School must receive applications for the 'mr. I. Henri Hijmans' Grant before 15 May.

For more information, please contact the PhD dean’s office:

Published by  Faculty of Law

25 April 2016