Deans for the Law School's PhD's

Amsterdam Law School

PhD projects at the Amsterdam Law School are monitored by the PhD deans and supported by the PhD deans’ office. In addition, the PhD deans advise the Law School’s Dean and the Board on PhD research and PhD research policy in general.

The PhD deans are:

Dr. M. Bartl (Marija)

Associate professor of Private Law. Responsible for PhD candidates from the:

  • Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL)
  • Paul Scholten Center (PSC)
  • Private Law B
  • Institute for Information Law (IViR)
  • Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL)

Dr. R. Pierik (Roland)

Associate professor of Legal Philosophy. Responsible for candidates from the:

  • Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG)
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Leibniz Centre for Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Center for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL)
  • Netherlands China Law Centre (NCLC)
  • Private Law A
  • Bonger Institute
  • Dr R.H.M. (Roland) Pierik

    Universitair hoofddocent rechtsfilosofie
    T: 0205253665

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PhD dean’s office

Kim Bierhoff runs the PhD dean’s office. She prepares and carries out PhD policies and provides PhD candidates with the necessary information. She ensures that progress meetings and assessments happen in a timely manner, and provides general support to the deans. She also organises periodic PhD social events and is the first contact in practical matters.

Contact information:

drs.K .(Kim) Bierhoff│T: 020 525 34 39

Published by  Faculty of Law

12 July 2018