Study programme

European Competition Law and Regulation (International and European Law)

Programme outline

The programme allows students to combine the study of broader legal and theoretical perspectives on EU competition law and regulation with its practical application, for example by participating in the various moot courts, the Amsterdam Law Clinic or in individual research projects. 

The curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of strongly interrelated core courses, but there is also room for electives.

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‘In a way, you can craft your own way of studying.’


Compulsory courses in the 2017-2018 curriculum

  • Principles and Foundations of European Union law (semester 1)
  • European Competition Law (semester 1)
  • Law of the Internal Market, Free movement of Goods and Services (semester 1)
  • EU Regulated Markets (semester 2)

Students can also choose a number of electives (see course catalogue). The programme is concluded with a Master’s thesis on a EU competition law or economic regulation topic of your choice. 

Course Catalogue

Please refer to the UvA course catalogue for detailed information about the courses and electives.


Evaluation methods focus on the development of in-depth knowledge of European Competation Law and Regulation, in addition to strong writing, analytical and communication skills. Written and oral assignments are preferred over traditional exams.

Amsterdam Law Practice

Our experiential learning method inspires and motivates students to do research and increase their knowledge. At the Amsterdam Law Practice (ALP) students learn by doing, and connect with society at large by working with fellow students towards the solution of social problems. As part of the ALP the Master’s programme offers students a range of extra-curricular activities, such as:

  • study trips to EU institutions
  • EU career workshops
  • the opportunity to work on real cases in the law clinic
  • academic seminars and discussion groups on legal developments and issues
  • participation in the European Law Moot Court Competition and the European Competition Law Moot Court Competition

Moot court participation

Moot Court competitions are an excellent way to gain practical training for future international lawyers. Each year, international and European Law students have the opportunity to participate in several moot court competitions. UvA teams prepare and practice with lecturers and professors before travelling to competitions all over Europe. The UvA covers all expenditures related to participation, including registration fees and travel expenses. Read more about the European Law Moot Court Competition and the European Competition Law Moot Court.

Amsterdam European Law Clinic

Both Dutch and international students at the Faculty of Law have the unique opportunity to combine international theory and practice by working at the Amsterdam Law Clinic. During the course of the semester, you will work on cases with staff and fellow students, providing legal advice to clinic clients while earning ECTS credits towards your degree.

Published by  Amsterdam Law School

19 July 2018