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European Private Law (LLM)

C. Leone

Programme coordinator

Candida Leone is the coordinator of the Private Law Across Borders programme. Her main interest lies in the law of contract, and in its encounter with the specific domains of labour and consumption relations. She teaches courses in Consumer rights in the Digital Single Market, Principles in European Contract Law, European Private Law, Private law in a European and international context and European Contract Law and Justice.

Photo of Marco Loos

Programme Director

Prof. Marco Loos is Professor of private law, in particular European consumer law. He conducts research and teaches in the areas of Dutch and European contract and consumer law. He is the academic director of the Master’s programme and teaches in the courses. In this Master’s programme he teaches the course Consumer rights in the Digital Single Market.

European Private Law student Martha Asio

Student Martha Asio

Martha Asio searched for a law school that would attract students from all over the world to familiarize herself with different views and cultures in preparation for a career in an international environment. She says: 'A working knowledge of the influence of European legislation on private business is indispensable these days.'

Published by  Amsterdam Law School

17 February 2017